Add email-based 2FA to your app in two steps.

JustAuthenticateMe implements email verification securely so you don't have to

JustAuthenticateMe uses itself for authentication!
Test the UX by logging in with your email
Secure your app
Verifying your users have access to their email address reduces the risk of hacked accounts.
Straightforward API
Get up and running quickly with just a couple of function calls.
Tiny ~1Kb JS size
Website performance matters, and our tiny web SDK won't even be noticeable.

What does the code look like?

Step 1: Initiate Authentication from Front End

await jam.initAuth("");
After this call from your front end javascript, the user will receive an email with a magic link to log in.

Step 2: Receive and Verify the Token

const email = await jam.verify(req.params.idToken);
When the user clicks the link, you get a request that you can verify is a valid user - that's it!
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