Simple pricing

  • Up to 300 successful logins / month
  • Limited support
Growing App
/ month
  • Unlimited apps
  • Up to 3,000 successful logins / month
  • Higher priority support
Product Market Fit
/ month
  • Unlimited apps
  • Up to 30,000 successful logins / month
  • Highest priority support

What counts as a "successful login"?

We designed our pricing to align with what you value: customers securely gaining access to your web app.

So what do we count? Two things:

  • A click on a magic link in an email followed by successful ID token generation.
  • The first refresh token use per day per user.

This type of metered billing means that you only pay for actual use of our service. We don't charge for inactive users like other authentication services.

What if I need more volume?

That's great! Our service can scale well beyond the listed limits.

Reach out to for details.