Simple authentication for startups

JustAuthenticateMe is the simplest way to add authentication to your app and get on with shipping features

JustAuthenticateMe uses itself for authentication!
Test the UX by logging in with your email
Simplify your sign up flow
Remove friction from your sign up process by combining email verification, registration, and authentication in one step.
Not Opinionated
JustAuthenticateMe authenticates and that's it. You can structure your app however you want.
No Passwords Necessary
Passwords suck. Users hate them, and you don't want to answer forgotten password support tickets.

What does the code look like?

Step 1: Initiate Authentication from Front End

await jam.initAuth("");
After this call from your front end javascript, the user will receive an email with a magic link to log in. When they click it, they'll get redirected back to your app.

Step 2: Receive the ID Token

const { idToken } = jam.getTokensFromURL();
When the user gets back to your app, you can grab the ID Token from the URL. Use this in future requests to your backend as this user.

Step 3: Backend Token Verification

const email = await jam.verify(idToken);
On the backend (example in Nodejs), this call will cryptographically verify the ID Token and extract the user's email for you. Now you know that this request was made by the user with this email address!
Using Serverless Framework or AWS Lambda? It's even easier for you. Check out the docs .
Not using Nodejs or Lambda? We have a simple REST API accessible from any language.
Ready to learn more? Check out the detailed documentation.

The simplest authentication is email-based

Everyone has an email address. Not everyone knows how to use a password manager.

Suprise and delight your users via their first experience with your app. They won't have to create a new password and worry about forgetting it. They'll just type in their email address and click a link.

With JustAuthenticateMe's simple email based authentication, you can get your app up and running faster, and make your users' lives easier.

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